About Us

We are small team at Windermere. For Sellers, our focus is on listing quality and marketing reach. For Buyers, we focus on negotiation and preparedness at all levels.

We are NOT a sales-focused team. Our goal is to provide the best marketing and advice, period. We don't compete, we work with other Brokers to provide you with a win-win experience and the opportunity to win that home, or offer that will put your mind at ease as you transition into a new life, or out of an old one. 

We have access to all the fantastic resources available through Windermere, including:

  • Assistants, on-call.
  • Marketing resources, on-call.
  • The best Principal Brokers (PBs) in the Northwest. PB's matter a lot in this business. 
  • Excellent branding and marketing for your listing. 

In addition to Windermere's amazing brand, we provide this with our listing packages:

  • Nationwide online retargeting to custom audiences of thousands who may be interested in your property. 
  • Up to 6 hours of hosted services (cleaning, yard work, etc) with every full-service listing package.
  • An iOS app for managing property search alerts that many of our clients say is "better than Zillow's". 
  • Market reports that are far more accurate than anything you will get from Zillow.
  • Exclusive knowledge and content, even AFTER the transaction.

Contact us to learn more about us. 

All of your interactions will be with one or both of us. This means that you will always have our full and undivided attention. 

Meet the Team